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BREATHE Musical!

So excited to announce that BREATHE – a new musical I co-wrote – is going to have its virtual world premiere on May 14, 2021 – and that my readers have the chance to get tickets RIGHT NOW!

BREATHE follows five couples grappling with the impact of COVID on their lives – covering everything from parenting in COVID, to Black Lives Matter protests, to saying goodbye to a spouse via Zoom. And like all my books – there are lighthearted moments, heartbreaking moments…and a killer twist.The cast includes Broadway legends galore: Tony-winners Kelli O’Hara and Brian Stokes-Mitchell, Tony-nominee Denée Benton, Patti Murin, Colin Donnell, Matt Doyle, Daniel Yearwood and more.

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You can choose from three options:

  1. a ticket to stream it anytime from 5/14-7/2, at your leisure
  2. a ticket for the premiere on 5/14 with a live cast and creative talkback
  3. or JODI NIGHT – my birthday, May 19, where we will all watch the streamed performance together, and you can join me afterward for a talkback.

I’m proud of this one, and hope you find it as healing and helpful as I did when writing it.

Video trailer

Watch a video "Teaser" of BREATHE below. If you're on a slower (narrowband) connection, you can watch a condensed version of the trailer.

BREATHE Musical Brand

Between the Lines Musical

Have you ever wanted to escape into a book?
What if it became real?

Between the Lines Musicallogo

Due to coronavirus outbreak, we have delayed our opening. Details will be posted as soon as we have them! I’m excited about going off-Broadway and I want to experience it with all of you — so we will be hosting a special talkback series for certain performances with me — and special appearances by my daughter and co-writer, Samantha van Leer!

Between the Lines Musical »

About the Show:

Based on the novel by New York Times bestselling author Jodi Picoult and her daughter Samantha Van Leer, BETWEEN THE LINES is an empowering and enchanting new musical. An outsider in a new town and a new school, Delilah seeks comfort in the pages of her favorite book, where she feels heard and understood. But as the lines between fantasy and reality begin to blur in both extraordinary and astonishing ways, Delilah has to confront whether she has the power to rewrite her story.

The Book Of Two Ways Virtual book tour —is over

USA and Canada: September 22 - November 11, 2020
UK: October 18 - 20, 2020
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Thanks to all my US, Canadian and UK fans who came out to The Book of Two Ways “virtual” tour.
  xoxo —Jodi


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Why do many events charge admission?

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on the way you look at it, I’ve got so many terrific fans who come out to see me that the events can get pretty crowded. It’s really hard to enjoy yourself when you are standing with 350 other people in a space that can accommodate 50. For this reason, most bookstores have to move the event offsite. Sometimes this means they have to pay for the venue, too. It’s up to the bookstore to decide whether they’d like to pass that cost along to consumers.

In some cases, it’s a couple of dollars for a seat. In others, they prefer that you buy the book from them (instead of from Costco, or amazon) when you come to the event. Why? Because right now, bookstores are having a really hard time making ends meet. You might be able to get a book cheaper at amazon, but you won’t be able to hear the author speak or get the book signed. Bookstores usually provide that service through reading series - they’re the ones who organize the events and make sure you are having a good time, and in return, some feel it’s only fair that you buy the book at their business establishment. It’s sort of hard to argue with that theory! Some venues are offering discounts to students or kids; we have tried to ask for that accommodation wherever possible.

But ultimately the decision to charge or not to charge is the bookstore’s. It might interest you to know that in other countries - the UK and Australia, for example, book events are NEVER free! So - although I truly hope that anyone who wants to hear me speak can do so - I also know that it’s not fun for anyone to be packed into a crowd of people, and I promise you that if you do have to pay for an event, you’ll be comfortable, you’ll be able to hear and see, and you’ll have a great time.